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Be ready to get yourself associated with nature and surround yourself in luxuries and get captivated by recreational facilities. We strongly encourage you to join our knowledgeable and vibrant community, where you’ll never run out of things modern and entertaining.

  • It is truly a magic world, a magical circle that ambiance comforts and virtues, never ever identified beyond its hallowed borders.
  • A perfect trip destination where memories can be made with friends and family.

  • Offering brilliant new ultra-lavish homes, daily adventure, and breath-taking aerial views of charming Makhniyal Forest and beautiful valleys, waterfalls, hiking, camping areas.

  • An extremely preferred occasion of living in the heart of nature with lush green pines environment.

  • Pine City Islamabad is a charismatic new take on the classic Pir Sohawa Mountains near Islamabad, Pakistan.

Take a dive Into The Features Of Comport & Elegance While Choosing to live In The Pine City Home

The Pine City society is located in a prime area of the Pine City Major Development, offering people plenty of space as well as near to ecosystems including forests, waterfalls, and amazing scenery. The Pine Hills and a development in the Farmhouse close to Pir Sohawa have been best planned to fit everyone’s needs. The Pine Hills include a total area of more than 80 acres and contain. 

  • Comfort Retreat
  • Vacation houses
  • High Street featuring a cafe and farm-style shops
  • Upscale serviced residences
  • Power-saving lighting systems
  • Landscape Area
  • Barbecue Area
  • The Club
  • Butterfly Asylum
  • Health resort
  • Trails for walking and hiking in natural woods
  • Garden of plants
  • The surrounding area is safe
  • Infinity Poll for Mini Golf Temperature Measurement and Beautiful Sunset Views

Pine City Islamabad Payment Plan

Pine City Islamabad Prime Location

Introducing the magnificent project Pine City Islamabad. A unique blend of serenity and amusement overwhelmed the Makhniyal Hills.

  • Nested in lush green, pine-covered hills
  • 3 kilometers from Highland Country Club
  • 12 kilometers from Monal Restaurant.
  • 21 kilometers from Islamabad.
  • 30 minutes drive from Islamabad.
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